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About Us

MEIMEI PRODUCTS will always try to offer the best product for the best possible price.We only sell products that we

believe in, tested, trust and use ourselves. If necessary we will ask close friends and family members to try and

test new products and let us know their HONEST -written- opinion report about any tested product.

As a matter of fact we will immediately cancel a product from our list and stop selling it if we receive a well-founded

complaint, whether from friends, family or even more important, a client.The comment/opinion from our clients is

''Holy'' to us and we take your comment very serious!


With MEIMEI PRODUCTS the client is KING or QUEEN, always.

We treasure your opinion because:
If we don't learn from your experience, we can't improve!

The people behind MEIMEI PRODUCTS are from both Europe and Asia and speak together many

languages,including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Dutch and German and assistance in Spanish, Italian, French

and Scandinavian languages is quickly available as well, if needed.


That enables us to communicate very fast and easy with clients, manufacturers, suppliers and even specialists

within independent Universities and Laboraties -in Europe and Asia- if we need to ask for advise, separate from

the opinion by a manufacturer!

Sometimes it takes us a long time to find the right and reliable manufacturer, who is correct and efficient and also,

like ourselves, looking to the future to build a steady relationship instead of making just a quick profit.

The MEIMEI PRODUCTS' team is a small but very flexible team, experienced in doing East-West business, vice-

versa. Because we're small and flexible we are used to work odd -also evening- and weekend- hours. This is of

course obvious because of the time-gaps between Europe, America and Asia.

We certainly hope to do business with you, for the long term !

Thank you for your time !