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Magic Hair Beauty DIY Sponge Styling Soft Curler Foam Rollers Balls

Item No: HSA01006

Price: Euro € 13,99 /18 Balls







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Use this litte and cute sponge curler, you can also be a magic hairdresser !!


The ball is made of sponge so it is very light and easy to carry around with you.
Never ever make any damage to your hair!



This roll is designed to give you a nice Curly Hair in an easier and safer way

No electricity, heating, damaged hair

Soft sponge constructed hair curlers is simple to use and save more time

Lightweight simple, easy to carry

3 steps hair curlers can be washed and reusable many times


Please use with hair dryer to ensure that the products from more than 10cm briefing mouth, so as to avoid overheating caused deformation products




Two Usage Methods:

* When hair is about 80% dry after washing, curl it with the sponge curlers and go to sleep. Wake up with natural looking curls the next day

* Spray little water and curl hair with sponge curlers. Blow with hair dryer on low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes, remove sponge curlers after that


Color: Yellow, Pink

Material: Breathable sponge



100% Brand New in Retail Packaging

18 Sponge Hair Culers, iedal usage for whole hair.