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Neck & Chin-line Exerciser Slimmer - As Seen On TV

Item No: FCT01001

Price: Euro € 12.50 /Set






Slim your neck & chin in just 2 min. A Day!

• No pain

• No expensive surgery

• No double-chin or neck folds anymore

• No more loose or hanging skin

• Get dramatic age-defying results

• Firm, lift and smooth your neckline in just two minutes a day

How does it work?

The Neck- and ChinLine Exerciser targets and tones the underlying muscles of your neck, chin and cheek area by applying

gentle resistance. Just like every other muscle in your body - whether it be your abs, butt or thighs - your facial muscles

need exercise. We all know the benefits of resistance exercises like crunches and curls. Think of the Neck- and ChinLine

Exerciser in exactly the same way, only easier.

What exercises do you do with the Neck- and ChinLine Exerciser?

There are two main exercises: one for the neck muscles and one for the chin and cheeks. They provide the range of

motion and resistance necessary to firm and lift the neckline.

How does exercise slim your neck and shape your chin ?

The Neck- and ChinLine Exerciser simply applies the principles of resistance training to the neck, chin and cheeks. As the

underlying muscles firm and lift so does the skin. This is because the muscles of the neck and face are inextricably linked

to the skin by connective tissue called facia. The Neck- and ChinLine Exerciser gives you a natural neck lift, shape your

chin and makes you look years younger. It is a fast and easy anti-aging method that will take years off your appearance.


Brand New in a gift box including 1x Exerciser, 3x Power coils, 1x Carry Bag.